Social Media: A money-maker in the making

We live in a highly Internet-centric society (2.8 billion internet users as of early 2013, according to a study by the International Telecommunications Union). Most experts suggest that the number of Web users will continue to surge upwards, with on-line penetration seeing all-time high numbers.

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It seems that even our social interactions veer toward the Web. More and more people are going online and they tend to gravitate towards social media sites.

Consider this.

There are now 1.18 billion Facebook users worldwide. That’s 1.18 billion people liking, commenting, sharing and posting various kinds of content for other individuals [...]

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Why An Interactive Campaign Works

Chances are, people have seen lots of ad campaigns in their lifetimes. Some of them stuck while some were just typical, run-of-the-mill ads that are cliché.

Then there are ads that transcend time and languages. These are campaigns that are the stuff of advertising legend, the ones that aspiring copy writers and marketers can only dream of.

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But even legends fall, even the mighty bows to the up and coming conqueror.

This is a new era, the era of the Digital Out of Home.

And to further lay claim to the throne, DOOH brought the biggest stick in the [...]

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Digital Out of Home (DOOH) makes advertising look easier.

People say that it’s a dog eat dog world we live in. Majority opinion dictates that businesses use all the leverage and advantage they can get.

In barges Digital Out of Home marketing, the latest “wonder child” of advertising.

Still not sold? Read on.

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According to a Nielsen report, majority of brands that used DOOH advertising saw a 33% increase in additional sales. That’s without a prior foray in the digital display industry.

What makes it that effective?

Simple, it’s hard to ignore DOOH ads. If you’re stuck in heavy traffic and there’s a digital ad playing, chances are, it’s [...]

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Digital Displays for Education?

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising introduced society to digital display systems. These advertising and media display platforms received a warm welcome from various industries all over the world.

What is surprising, however, is the fact that schools and universities are slowly integrating the latest digital display technology in their curriculum.

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In 2009, 97% of classrooms in the United States have computers, a number steadily rising. About 72% of teachers use LCD projectors, 57% rely on interactive white boards and 49% experiment with digital cameras.

Early in November of 2013, a boarding school in the United Kingdom began [...]

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3 Reasons why ‘Digital’ is the Way to Go

Society is due for change. The growth of Digital Out of Home Advertising is evident now more than ever, but is digital really the way to go?

Here are three reasons to show why ‘digital’ is the way to go:

1.      Instant Gratification

There are 2 billion people using the Internet today. In that 2 billion, 44.6 % or over a billion is in Asia. The world’s call for quick gratification is being answered. (internetworldstats.com)

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According to the latest Nielsen Global Online Survey, 85% of the world’s online population purchased products using the Internet. That figure went up by [...]

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